Friday, October 17, 2008

Jule Collection Demo Day

Head's up on a cool event this weekend for all of you Bay Area surfers. Our friend, Julie Cox, is putting on her "Ride My Board" demo days this weekend. Saturday she and her quiver will be in Santa Cruz, and Sunday she'll be in Pacifica. This is a great opportunity to demo some really sweet longboards. We'll be checking out the event on Sunday.

Check Jule Collection for more info.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kelly Slater and Surfing Stronger As You Age

Kelly Slater recently won an astounding 9th World Championship title. Surfing performance has never been higher, and Slater wins it all by completely dominating the season. At age 36, he is the oldest surfer on the tour and the oldest ever to win it.

Now granted, Slater is a freak of nature, but his performance and his age raises an interesting gambit: You can surf at your better as you get older! Here at Surf Stronger HQ, the average age is about 36, so we certainly believe this!

Here are our three tips to surf better as you age:

1. Train. When your not surfing, you should be cross training for surfing. As we like to say, "better fitness equals better surfing." Of course surf-specific training is the way to go. (See our Surf Stronger videos for more)

2. Surf! This is obvious, but the more you surf, the better you'll get. Also, try a variety of conditions and boards. The variety will help your surfing.

3.Watch surfing: Videos, contests, webcasts, your local surf spot, and yourself. Get yourself taped and see how you really look out there and how can you improve it. Compare your surfing to the best surfers and notice how they use their bodies to make elegant powerful turns. Watch where they bend their knees, move their feet, and how they use their arms and shoulders to direct where they are going. You will get better.

Here's to surfing stronger as you age.

9 time world champ, Kelly Slater.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Surf Stronger and Sambazon

Happy October! It is officially surf season and we couldn't be happier. To commemorate the opening of surf season we are offering a little bonus on all orders. We are giving away a free Sambazon Acai drink (well, a coupon good for a free bottle) with every order from now through October 31, 2008. Sambazon Acai is the perfect post surf, or post workout drink. Get fit and get nutritious!

Happy surfing,
The Surf Stronger Crew