Thursday, March 19, 2009

Surf Stronger at IHRSA 2009

The Surf Stronger Crew checked out IHRSA (International Health Racquet and Sports Association) 2009 trade show yesterday. IHRSA is the largest fitness expo in the world.

Every major player in the industry hits this show and we were stoked to check out some of the latest equipment and programming. A few stood out in our minds. Here's a quick list:

First off, Fitness Anywhere. These guys make the TRX trainer and lets just say these guys are on it! They had the most happening workout area with heaps of energy and good vibes. Runner up goes to X-Pole. Limber, attractive gals on a pole working out. What more can we say? Looks like a good workout too. Third place is the new eco-treadmill made by Woodway which is a non-motorized treadmill that actually works. We aren't big runners but occasionally we like to hit some wind sprints and sometimes you can't be outside. These treadmills are super for this and they are the first to do it without a power cord. We like that. Best nutrition company: Clif bar. Clif provides by far the best tasting pre-surf snack bar that keeps you feeling energized. Heaps of flavors and good-for-you ingredients.

Also, as a reminder, if you haven't checked out the revamped, check it today. We are stoked to be providing you the best fitness info to keep you surfing stronger!

Stay healthy and see you in the water.

(The versatile, and cool TRX in action at IHRSA 2009)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

California Surf Movie and Music Roadshow

Surf movie nights in small, locally owned, coastal theaters is sadly a relic of a bygone surf era. We are stoked to see film maker Thomas Campbell (The Seedling, Sprout) bring back this chestnut of surf history. He debuts his new movie, The Present, at a string of coastal theaters this month. Not only will he be showcasing his tasty looking film, there'll be quality live music before most showings.

The Surf Stronger crew will be a the Santa Barbara showing, but there are a bunch of upcoming dates:

March 20: Santa Barbara, Arlington Theater
March 25: San Luis Obisbo, Fremont Theater
March 28: San Francisco, Victoria Theter

See more dates here.

(A tasty nugget from the movie, The Present)

Surf Stronger and Sambazon

We are again offering a free Sambazon ACAI with every US order. Sambazon Acai is super tasty and super for you. Check our store for details.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Training. Get in the Swim of Things for Better Surf Fitness

I knew today was going to be hectic with work and other life obligations, so opted for a quick swim workout since I wouldn't be surfing. Yesterday I did the complete Surf Stronger Core Training workout so was stoked to do some swimming today. And while I'm sure my coach didn't plan a surf-specific swim workout, as I cranked it out, I definitely saw the application to a typical surf session. The main set looked like this:

3 x 50 yards free, "descending." Descending means you swim each 50 faster than the last. Starting out this way is similar to one's paddle out and initial effort getting through waves.

500 yards "cruise." This is similar to the middle portion of a paddle out.

3 x 100 yards free, descending. Almost out the back. But, a big set is coming in! You need to pick up the pace and crank for 300 yards!

500 yards cruise. OK, you've surfed a long one in, now the paddle back out.

3 x 150 yards free, descending. Again, a big set comes out of nowhere, and you need to crank to get past the four wave sneaker set.

500 yards cruise. You get another long one in and paddle back out at a "cruise" pace.

In total, this main set was 2,400 yards, easily what you have to paddle when you surf during a decent swell / session.

By cross training with some swim workouts like this, the next time you get a good swell and you surf a couple hours, you'll notice a big difference in your surf endurance.

Stay healthy, see you in the water!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Interview with Mark Cunningham - A True Waterman

Mark Cunningham is truly a legend -- lifeguard on the North Shore for twenty plus years, body surfer extraordinaire, and zealous environmentalist. We interviewed him on the North Shore two winters ago, and Surfer just published an interview with him. Good stuff.

Dane Reynolds at the Quiksilver Pro

Dane Reynolds and his exercise ball on a down day at the Quiksilver Pro.

After recent recovery from a pretty serious injury, Dane is looking forward to the competitive season. Check the interview with Dane here.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Recession Proof Workouts!

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Get the DVDs, do the work, and see results in your fitness and your surfing! Or as Australia's Tracks Magazine says, "Get a ripped rig, improve your surfing, and pull more!"