Sunday, April 27, 2008

Surf Stronger Crew at Roxy Surf Night

What could be better than an evening hang for the upcoming Roxy Surf Night in San Francisco? The event will feature a book signing of "Fearlessness: The Lisa Andersen Story" by author Natalie Linden, plus apearences by Roxy Surf Team pros, including Jennifer Smith - recent World Longboard Champ; Santa Cruz's Jenny Useldinger -- Billabong XXL finalist and Mavericks surfer; and top longboarder Julie Cox. And, event promoters even promise light refreshments and BEER for those who show up early. And as a bonus, there'll be a free screening of Roxy's new film, Shimmer.

We were stoked and honored to be invited out to this event and will most likely have a handful of pre-release, limited edition copies of our new video, Surf Stronger--Core Training with Serena Brooke DVDs on sale.

We can't wait!

Roxy Surf Night, 6-9 PM
Wednesday, April 30th
Sports Basement
1590 Bryant Street

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Man Killed By Great White While Swimming off San Diego Coast

Our condolences go out to the friends and family of Dave Martin, a 66-year-old swimmer from Solana Beach, who was killed by a 17-foot white shark while doing a group swim around 7:00 AM Friday April 24th off Solana Beach, Calif.

Having just surfed a nearby beach two weeks ago, and given the extremely rare nature of fatal shark attacks in San Diego (the last one being in 1959) this news comes as extremely shocking.

No doubt, this attack, like most, was a case of mistaken identity whereby the shark mistakes a wetsuit-clad swimmer (or surfer) as a seal (food). When you think about it, there are so few sports in the world that put you in danger of being killed by a predator like a white shark. Again, the likelihood of a fatal attack (this being only the 8th on record in California) is tiny but the thought of it, and the terror of it crushes any stats you can put out there. The fact remains, when we step off the sand and into the ocean we become part of the food chain.

Godspeed, Dave Martin. RIP.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

As surfers, we get to commune with nature on every go-out. We are some of the luckiest people on earth. Unfortunately the water and environment in which we play is not always so pristine. Earth Day is a great reminder that we all can and should do our part to protect this blue planet we call home. After all, it's the only one we got. Do something green this Earth Day. Leave the car at home and ride or walk, pick up some trash, eat organic, support The Surfrider Foundation, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Happy Earth Day!

(Photo: Walsh)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Surf Stronger in This Month's Surfing Magazine

Our new surf-specific workout video, Surf Stronger--Core Training with Serena Brooke, is reviewed in this month's Surfing Magazine ("The High Performance Issue"). Surfing had some great things to say about the new video. Check the review in this month's Surfing, and order the new video starting May 5th at

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring Training

Today I grambled down to Ocean Beach (SF) to see if I couldn't get some good clean conditions and a few punchy waves before the Spring wind came up. Weather was fine, but the ocean was none-too-inviting. The prospect of pulling on the 4/3 and haggling for a few crumbly waves just wasn't motivating. I switched gears and decided to go for a workout.

I cruised around Land's End to the Bay side of San Francisco and hit one of my favorite places on earth, San Francisco's Dolphin Club. There I ran through about six Surf Stronger exercises in an attempt to warm up my core temperature before my bay swim. You see, this would be my first Bay swim of the year and I know just how damn cold the water is in April in San Francisco. Armed with speedo, goggles and neoprene cap, I went for it! Slowly. Toes, shins, thighs, waist, chest...and I am off! It is hard to describe the feeling of plunging into 54 degree water, sans wetter, but suffice to say it is exhilarating. The first 100 yards I swim heads-up because every time I place my face in the water a gnarly ice cream headache ensues. (This goes away after about 100 yards) At the first buoy I strike up some conversation with a visiting Frenchy, clad in neoprene head to toe. He and I hammer down the buoy line to the flag. Feeling good, I suggest we swim to the opening. He's game and we hammer across Aquatic Cove to the "cigarette" buoy that sits at the opening to the Bay. The Frenchy is in good shape, and with the added buoyancy of a wetter, he is hard to keep up with. At the opening, we marvel at the larger-than-life Alcatraz, then bee-line it back to shore. I bid adieu to him at the buoy line and stroke 50 meters to the sand of the Dolphin Club. The shallow water off the beach feels like bath water. I know I'm now numb and it's time for the showers. After the classic one-two of a hot shower and sauna, I'm super stoked -- a surf-specific adventure workout in the great outdoors! One of my favorite ways to train for surfing.

(Surf Stronger's Todd Walsh making a leap of faith at the 2007 Alcatraz swim.)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Surf Stronger -- Core Training with Serena Brooke

Surf Stronger Nation-
We are stoked to announce that our second full-length surf-specific
workout video, Surf Stronger--Core Training with Serena Brooke,
comes out May 5th!

This new video focuses on an area surfers need to work on most -- their core! The video contains two core workouts, inspiring surfing footage, DVD extras, and more. Available May 5th worldwide at

Go Organic, or Go Home!

Today we took a little mid-day break from the grind to enjoy some waves. Work load was heavy, but winds light, and swell perfect for a surf just north of town at one of our favorite not-so-secret reef breaks.

Driving up Highway 1 for a surf check, I couldn't help but notice a foul stench in the air -- the stench of fertilizer for the ag land that surrounds the surf in these parts. It was a strict reminder about farming methods -- and the use of nasty pesticides and fertilizers, versus the more benign organic farming that we try to embrace. I mean, if fertilizers can permeate the ocean air for a good ten mile stretch of coastline, just how potent and gnarley is this stuff? It's polluting the air, the groundwater no doubt, and the very food it goes onto. No doubt, it winds up polluting us! By buying and eating organic, you are supporting a more sustainable cycle -- one that does not use pesticides which wind up polluting the environment.

In this day and age, organic products are widely available. Whole Foods helped popularize organic produce and food, but massive chains are now embracing organics and making them available. What can you do to embrace a more organic lifestyle? Buy organic produce and products! Trader Joe's carries tons of great products made with organic ingredients. From beer to beans, soaps to salad dressing. Support companies that make products out of organic ingredients. Two of our favorites include Sambazon and Clif Bar. You can also grow your own. Even if it is just a few herbs you grow in your kitchen or apartment balcony. Give it a try. Look into organic products. You'll likely be stoked you did.

Stay healthy and see you in the water.

(California gold on the Central Coast)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

2nd Annual Surfer's Fitness Forum Wrap Up

The Surf Stronger Crew was in LA over the weekend at the 2nd Annual Surfer's Fitness Forum. The morning started out at a local beachie where the crew enjoyed a few waves before making it over to the forum. It was a lively morning at Riviera Fitness Club with a great turnout of surfers all keen to learn the latest in surf fitness. Coach Scott took the group through the fundamentals of Core Training for surfing -- what is the core, why is it critical to your surfing, and key exercises for improving core strength. It was a dynamic and fun seminar!

Thanks all for coming out and special thanks to Dave Olan for organizing and hosting a great event.

The Surf Stronger crew is available to conduct seminars or training camps at your club, beach, etc. If you are interested, drop us an email at

(Scott, Rocky, Noel, Peggy, Todd)