Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Protect California Beaches. Protect Trestles!

NOTE: Looks like there are some changes on when this meeting will take place. It will NOT take place at the Bren Center. See for updates.

While the Surf Stronger crew hails from Central California, Trestles is near and dear
to our heart -- wonderful surf spot, and wonderful natural, California coastline that makes this place so epic. It's under fire from development but there's something we can do to protect it:

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The biggest hearing yet for Trestles will take place Friday, July 25th at the Bren Center on the campus of University of California, Irvine.

This hearing marks the next critical battle in a decade long fight to protect Trestles!

We already won the battle, here in California, when the California Coastal Commission (CCC) struck down the toll road on grounds it violates the Coastal Act. But, the TCA refused to accept the CCC decision and has appealed it to the Federal Government.

Now, we need to ensure the Federal Government supports important California environmental laws and upholds the Coastal Commission decision.

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