Friday, May 2, 2008

A Look Back

Making a full-length, commercial video is not easy work. It’s down right tough at times. Pre-production for our second release, Surf Stronger—Core Training with Serena Brooke, took us from LA to Santa Cruz to San Francisco to Hawaii to Australia, to Santa Barbara, and finally back home to Central California. The work involved is heavy: program design, script writing, rehearsals, praying for good weather, film crews, interviews, production schedules, flights, sandy camera gear, contracts, music selection, recording sessions, long distance phone calls, long distance e-mail, dodgey lodging, sunburns, editing, more editing, and a bit of surfing, core training, and dreaming along the way. One secret we can share is this: Find and work with not only talented people, but good people whose hearts are in the right place. If you can do this, things fall into place a lot easier.

Making this video was also a heck of a lot of fun. Here now is a look back in photos at the year of making this new video. We hope you like the new release.

Stay healthy and see you in the water.

The Surf Stronger Crew

Initial brainstorm in Venice Beach, Calif.

Talking surf fitness, Venice Beach, Calif.

Core instruction. Scott and Serena rehearse.

A pretty nice set.

California interview. Serena breaks it down.

Sunset Beach, December 2007.

Last minute details before filming. Sunset Beach, December 2007.

Sunset Beach, Hawaii.

Bevo, Todd, Serena after a day of filming, surfing and interviews.

Surf Stronger House Band members, Adam Topal and Jackie Greene lay down the groove.

Recording the soundtrack of Surf Stronger Volume 2. Dan Lebowitz and Steve Adams experiment between takes.

Scott demonstrating a dynamic warm up exercise.

Surf Stronger founders and creators, Scott Adams and Todd Walsh. Cinco de Mayo 2008.